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Ethel Cain at the Basilica Hudson

The singer celebrates her final Preacher's Daughter tour in a venue pulled from her own world.

photography by Asher Burrows

On October 5th Hayden Anhedonia, also known as Ethel Cain, took the stage in Hudson NY.


The venue was eerily fitting; its intriguing atmosphere perfectly aligning with Anhedonia's distinctive imagery.

Many people commuted hours from the city just to see the show.


The opening act, Skullcrusher, put on an incredible performance that set the tone for what was to come later in the evening.


People in the crowd warmly embraced fan-favorite tracks such as "American Teenager, A House in Nebraska, and Crush". Fans eagerly awaited the opportunity to hear the songs live one last time before she moves on from this chapter of touring.


During "Thoroughfare," Hayden performed a solo on her harmonica, adding an extra acoustic element to the country song.


One of the most notable aspects of the show was Anhedonia's connection with her audience. She went beyond the stage to interact with the crowd many times throughout the set. The exchange truly highlighted her ability to create a meaningful bond with her listeners.


As Ethel Cain's career continues to ascend, her concerts have turned into more than just performances; they've become experiences of shared connection and community.

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